Why Am I Wearing A Towel in NYC? 🤷🏼‍♀️


Before I answer the burning question that’s got the internet’s knickers in a knot, let’s rewind…

I started Not a Model in 2014 and like most people who start a blog, I had big dreams but no way of reaching them.

I would obsess over my flaws and tell myself I wasn’t pretty or skinny enough. And I tried so hard to change what I looked like and who I was because I thought that I had to in order to “make it”. 😔

So what changed?

How did I go from insecure, self-conscious about how I looked and fearful of putting myself out there to walking the streets of New York City in rush hour wearing nothing but a towel, stilettos and Dior 999 lipstick like-a-boss?!

Well, it was just ONE thing… 👇🏼

I stopped blaming myself for who I wasn’t. And instead, I embraced who I was and went after my dreams anyway.

I’m not going to lie to you… of course I was anxious AF when standing in the middle of a busy NYC street during rush hour getting my photo taken! 

I was afraid that I’d look ridiculous in the photos. (I don’t even own any clothing that’s remotely close to how short my towel is!)

I was afraid that we would be yelled at - or even worse laughed at. 

I was afraid that whole thing would be a complete disaster aaaaaand to make the pressure worse, I had convinced Gabrielle and Aleksandra to do it with me (which they were totally excited about btw).

So I channeled my inner Kimmy K and told my anxiety to get out… 😉




No one cared!

The majority of people who walked past us were unphased and kept going about their day. And those few that stopped to ask “what’s this about?” were supportive and positive. 💕

And just like my makeup during summer, that nervousness and anxiety I felt just melted away. I stopped worrying and started enjoying the shoot and having fun, and in the end everything turned out fabulous.

So to answer your question…

I’m standing out there in nothing but a towel as a challenge for myself to show-the-fk-up and do more things that I’m a little afraid of and get me out of my comfort zone. 

I could have stopped there. I didn’t have to publish these photos.

I’m sharing them with the hope that I’ll inspire other girls to stop letting fear and self-doubt hold you back…

To stop blaming yourself for who you aren’t and embrace who you are instead. Enough with B.S negative self-talk already!

To love yourself and to back yourself and not worry what other people will think of you – just do YOU boo!

I know that to some people, this is just “another influencer with her clothes off”. But to me, it’s everything I worked so hard to achieve.

Insecurities are real… but the hate doesn’t have to be. 

Xoxo, Marina