Natural makeup tutorial - a REAL 'no makeup makeup' look!

Natural makeup tutorial

Hello my fashionsistas!

Everyone has been asking me about my minimal makeup or ‘no makeup makeup’ look which I don't do as often as I should. I usually wear a lot of heavy coverage makeup like MAC Studio Fix because I am always shooting outfits, so under a flash I can't really use the L'oreal Nude Magique Foundation because the flash is just so bright that it makes me look like I have no makeup on.

So on my days off when I'm not shooting anything or filming any videos I try not to wear makeup at all because I want my skin to breathe, after all I make such an effort with my skincare routine that wearing makeup day in and day out kinda counteracts all that hard work, but there are some days where I may have to go out because I have some errands to do or I might be going for lunch with some friends, so I'll just do a really natural makeup look.

I did have a little look around YouTube to see what other minimal makeup tutorials were like, and I actually ended up a little disappointed, a lot of the tutorials promised a ‘no makeup’ look but they were far from it and the makeup was really obvious. There were some great looks though; some girls really have the whole no makeup look right on point!

Watch below to see my take on how to apply natural makeup for a ‘no makeup’ look

Products used

Unfortunately the Maybelline Volum' Express One by One Mascara has been discontinued - I recommend the Colossal Cat Eyes one.

I hope you loved this video and found it helpful.

And remember, you don’t need to be a model to look like you’ve stepped off the runway – you just need a killer wardrobe and some lipstick!

Big love,
xox Marina

Can’t watch this video right now? Read everything I said on how to apply natural makeup xox

Step 1 - Prime

First I'm going to prime my face using the Benefit Professional Pro Balm. This is going to minimize pores as well as keep my skin looking matte all day.

Step 2 - Foundation

For foundation I'm going to use L'oreal Nude Magique Foundation in the colour natural and apply it with a Zoeva 125 Stippling Brush. The reason I've chosen to use this brush today is because it makes foundation look like it's been airbrushed on.

Step 3 - Concealer

For concealer I’m using a Dior Skin Nude Concealer, I'm going to apply that with a MAC 195 Concealer Brush first and draw a triangle underneath my eyes, pop some around my nose as well and any other areas where I've got a bit of redness. I’ll then take a Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush and buff it in.

Step 4 - Powder

I’m going to set all my foundation and concealer in with L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder using a Zoeva 106 Powder Brush. I'm only using a little bit of powder and just popping it on my forehead, around the outer part of my face and under my eyes. I'm not putting it on my cheeks because I want my cheeks to look a lot more dewy and bright, plus I am going to use a liquid blush today which won’t blend if I have powder on my cheeks.

Step 5 - Blush

Using the Benefit Benetint in pink I'm just going to place three strokes on my cheeks and blend it in with a Zoeva 122 Petite Stippling Brush.

Step 6 - Eyebrows

I normally fill in my eyebrows but because this is a really true ‘no makeup makeup’ look, I'm just going to use Maybelline Brow Drama in dark brown to give them a little bit of extra definition and shape.

Step 7 - Eyes

For my eyes I’m going to brighten my eyelids using a MAC Velvet Eyeshadow in Vanilla and apply that with a Zoeva 222 Luxe All Over Shader Brush. I’m then going to take a MAC Satin Eyeshadow in Era through my crease using a Zoeva 228 Crease Brush.

For eyeliner, I'm going to use a Makeup Store Matt Eyeliner in Graceful; it's a nude eyeliner so it’s going to make my eyes look naturally brighter.

For mascara I'm using Maybelline One By One Volum' Express, this is my favorite ‘no makeup makeup’ mascara but unfortunately it has been discontinued! I'm not going to put it all over my lashes, I'm just going to blink on the brush so that it’s only on the roots of my lashes - this will add fullness to my lashes without being able to tell that I am wearing mascara.

Step 8 – Lips

On my lips I'm going to use Maybelline Baby Lips in Mixed Berry, it's a pale pink and it's still got a tiny little bit of tint to it.