I Heart New York 😍


How cuuuute is this little spot in SoHo?!?! (It’s a restaurant called Pietro Nolita btw.)

I’ve fallen in love with New York so much. It’s been a really crazy trip, we literally have.not.stopped. We’ve been doing back-to-back shoots, meetings, catching up with friends, flying my team in to catch up and hang with them too, more meetings, more shoots, and lots of eating! And I LOVE IT, the energy of this city is electrifying.

Whenever I travel somewhere for the first time, I always purchase one special thing that I can keep forever that will always remind me of the trip. This time I decided to get these heart sunglasses (deets at the bottom), they sum up exactly how I feel about the concrete-jungle-where-dreams-are-made-of 🎡

Xoxo, Marina