Easy nail tutorial: paint and dry in 2 minutes!


Hi fashionsistas!

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Today I’ll share with you how you can paint your nails in just two minutes (and yes they will be dry)!

Some days I can spend up to an hour giving myself a full gel manicure, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to squeeze that in so I do a really quick and pretty paint job to glam my nails up as I am running out the door (sometimes even in the car).

Watch this easy nail tutorial below to get pretty nails in just 2 minutes

I hope you found this video helpful! Leave a comment below if you want to see more easy nail tutorials!

And remember, you don’t need to be a model to look like you’ve stepped off the runway – you just need a killer wardrobe and some lipstick!

Big love,
ox Marina

Can’t watch this video right now? Here are the steps xox

Step one – Base Coat

I use the shade Spaghetti Strap from Essie. It’s the perfect colour that I use as a base and the reason I love using Essie for this look is because even though it’s not a quick dry nail polish, I find that it dries really fast, by the time I am up to my last finger the first one I painted is dry.

Step two – a little bit of glitter

Using Essie Luxeffects (silver glitter) I apply a second coat of polish to my nails. This nail polish is really glittery so a thin coat does the job in making your nails look like you’ve been to the salon.

And that’s it, so easy and I promise you that each coat takes about 30 seconds to a minute to dry!