Makeup hack: Baby Powder uses

Makeup hack: Baby Powder uses

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There are plenty of multi-purpose products you can find in your home for beauty and makeup uses - from salt to coconut oil, corn starch and even honey.

One of the most common household items is baby powder, and it’s not just for babies! Baby powder can also be used as one of your staple beauty essentials.

 Baby powder has been given a bad name in the past because it used to be primarily made of talc (which is toxic), thankfully you can now get baby powder which is made from corn starch. Common baby powder uses are to soothe irritated skin and as a dry shampoo to reduce oil in your hair but there are so many more baby powder hacks and today I’m going to share my two favourite ones with you.

Watch below to see my favourite baby powder uses for beauty that you might not know about!

I hope you found this baby powder uses video helpful and if you have a baby powder hack please share it by leaving a comment below!

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PS – If you can’t watch this video right now, here is everything I said.

Baby Powder eyelashes for volume

Before you apply mascara, a simple trick to give volume to your lashes is dabbing baby powder over them. Using a clean eye shadow brush, press it into some baby powder, and then dust it over your eyelashes. Repeat this until your lashes are evenly covered. The indicator that it's time for mascara is when you notice that your eyelashes turn a little bit grey.

Set your concealer underneath your eyes

Baby powder is perfect as a translucent setting powder. This is because it is very lightweight and doesn't crease up. It adds a little brightness, which makes it a make-up essential. I love using it under my eyes but you can set your entire face with baby powder using a large powder brush, try to keep it as translucent as possible by applying a minimal amount at a time. Aside from its translucent effect, the powder will also absorb any excess oil from your skin. This keeps you from looking too dewy throughout the day.