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Makeup dupes: cheap makeup brands VS high end (half face tutorial)

Which side is high-end make up and which is drugstore makeup?

Hi Fashionistas,

So many of you have emailed me and left comments on my videos asking me to use some more cheap makeup brands in my beauty tutorials. I know that I tend to use quite expensive makeup in my videos and this is because makeup is SO expensive in Australia, so when I travel to the US I usually stock up on all my favourite makeup — as brands like MAC are half the price overseas!

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Cheap makeup brands: drugstore beauty haul

Hi fashionsistas!

Recently I’ve received a few emails asking to see me use some Cheap Makeup Brands in my beauty tutorials as a lot of the products that I have been using in my videos are quite high end brands, like Chanel, Dior and MAC. 

And there is a reason as to why I use more high end products than Cheap Makeup Brands; in Australia brands like MAC are really expensive. To give you an idea, a MAC Lipglass here is $35 and in the US its $15 that’s more than double the price so I like to stock up on all my products when I visit the states...

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Flawless foundation tutorial

So many of you have commented on my skin and how flawless it is, thank you. I do spend a lot of time and money on it so I’m glad you all notice. I do two things to make my skin look it’s absolute best; one is my skincare routine (which I will be doing a video on very soon) and the other is with the foundation I use, so today I have filmed a video of my flawless foundation routine for you...

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How to draw eyebrows in perfectly

Do you want to know how to draw eyebrows in perfectly? I bet you do!

I have had so many of you comment on how much you love my eyebrows on Facebook and Instagram, and I know I’ve spoken to some of you about how to draw eyebrows in and what products and tools I use, so I wanted to make a video today so you can actually see me do it...

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Look professional with my makeup for work tutorial

Hi Fashionsistas,

You’ve probably seen some of my corporate office outfits and today I just wanted to show you how to do professional looking makeup for work. This look is really natural and doesn’t take too long to do, and it’s even perfect for a job interview.

I know for me when I used to work in an office (I used to be an Event Manager, but I’ll tell you about that another time!), I used to...

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DIY gel nails using Gelcolor by OPI

Hi Fashionsistas,

Like me, I’m sure you are a busy woman! And it can be hard trying to squeeze in time to get your nails done at a salon. Which is why I’m all for DIY gel nails! I can do them whenever and wherever I want - usually it’s really late at night because I always seem to leave it to the last minute. And what’s best is that unlike normal nail polish, you don’t have to worry about being helpless while it’s drying.

It doesn’t even take long to do; I’ve got it down to about...

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Dark rings under eyes? Hide them like a pro!

A few weeks ago I sent out an email out to you all asking what your biggest beauty problem was. Dark rings under eyes was one of the most popular things you all struggle with and many of you have this problem on a daily basis. 

Having dark circles around my eyes isn’t something that is a huge problem for me, simple concealer is usually enough to cover up the natural darkness under my eyes but if I haven’t been keeping up my regular fitness routine, getting enough...

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