Bassike clothing: the classic white shirt


You say basic I say Bassike!

I've been looking for an "I never say fabulous, fabulous" classic white shirt for a long time and I was SO excited when I found this one. Firstly, I have to tell you that it feels so soft and beautiful against my skin. Italian cotton - is there any other kind? 

The day I found it, I was wearing an oversized skirt that was sewn together like a parachute, so when trying the shirt on I of course needed to pair it with something a little more realistic...And as you can see, I couldn't help myself and bought two pieces that day. I love the way the skirt is form fitting around my hips then slowly and effortlessly expands, creating a gentle frill.

The options were endless when teaming a shoe with this outfit, and I felt leopard just tied it all together perfectly!