Winter wardrobe essentials


I've found my wardrobe to be a little on the over dressed side heading into winter, I really needed some new essentials that I could just throw on come my days off - so I decided to go shopping over the weekend, because shopping is always a good idea! I got a few knits, 2 pairs of jeans and a pair heels - I know, I know! I don't need another pair of heels but I just had to have them (you'll get to meet them soon).

This winter I thought I would try the turtle neck. I've never been a fan of turtle neck knits, I've always found them to be a little too restrictive, unflattering and add 10 years to your age! But, I found love in the way I can just fold the neck slightly to one side letting it loosely and effortlessly fall - I think it gives it a little sexiness. What do you think?