What causes dark circles under eyes?


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For my first episode I am talking about one of the most popular questions I am asked; dark circles under eyes!

When I first launched Not a Model TV, I filmed a tutorial on how to conceal dark circles under eyes like a pro.

In todays video, I talk about what causes dark circles and how to remove them.

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I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful! 

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PS – if you can’t watch this video right now, here is everything I talked about.

What causes dark circles under eyes?


Having dark circles can be a hereditary, or even a deficiency - iron deficiencies are a common cause to dark circle under eyes. And it could also be mostly because of poor blood circulation.


Dark circles can also be caused due to stress. Stress endangers your nervous system and blood circulation because it causes you to put pressure on your body and mind. So try be aware of your stress levels, it’s important to know when you are feeling stressed and to recognize and try to relieve that stress. Stress ain’t nobody’s friend!

How to remove dark circles under eyes?

Exercise & yoga

To aid blood circulation, one of the best things to do is exercise and practicing yoga can be really beneficial too as its calming on the body and mind.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be yoga that you do; any form of exercise is helpful to maintaining a healthy balance. However, as for me I find yoga is the most helpful, after I have been traveling, I’ll come home and after one week of yoga my dark circles will have reduced significantly. 

Eating clean & keeping hydrated

This is just as important than regular exercise. Eating wholesome (organic!) vegetables and fruit is really important as well as keeping your water intake up. Steer clear of caffeine, bad sugars, carbs and processed foods. Processed foods and caffeine are full of toxins, which are actually the number one cause of puffiness around your eyes and face too!  Also, alcohol is really dehydrating so if dark circles are a major problem for you then try cutting out alcohol for a while.

Cucumbers eye pads

Another thing to do is to use cucumber eye pads. Cucumber eye pads can also rehydrate your under eyes. Of course, you can use normal cucumbers if you don’t have the pads but Cucumbers get a bit messy as they drip water, so it’s a bit annoying. I prefer the pads anyway. 

Sleep tight!

Get a good night’s sleep, turn off the TV at least one hour before bed (and I mean it) that goes for the laptop and your phone too – no scrolling through Instagram while in bed!