Transparent dress & cocktails


Hello my Fashionsistas,

It is so cold and rainy this week in Sydney. Last week so sunny, it really felt like Spring came early, it was so warm - the perfect weather for sunset cocktails on the beach in a pretty summer dress!

I’m a really big fan of transparent clothing — but not in a trashy way! I love delicate fabric and when a fabric is delicate it's usually light-weight and a little sheer. I’ve just counted 10 pieces in my wardrobe that are purposely sheer, and 10 that my boyfriend often tells me he can see right through if I wear them during the day - I even do transparent accidentally ha! 

The most important thing when wearing a see-through dress or top is to have the right under layers. The dress I am wearing in this post has a jump suit sewn into it, which is perfect because it kept the top of the dress in place allowing the bottom to flow freely in the wind.

It’s always good to own a couple of body hugging black cotton dresses that you can wear under all your different sheer pieces but you can live a little and wear — the right! — Bra and underwear.

This dress also comes in white… and I believe if you love it then you should get it in every colour!… Stay tuned!

What do you think of transparent clothes? (love? hate?) share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Big love,
xox Marina