Spring outfit for a picnic

Spring Outfit for a Picnic

Hi Fashionsistas!  

Nothing feels more like spring than a day spent at a beautiful park on a picnic! 

I think I found the most perfect spring outfit. I know you are all probably thinking to yourselves, why on earth is she wearing heels to a picnic??? I’m going out for drinks and dinner after the picnic so will take my shoes off while at the park - walking barefoot on grass is really good for you!

Whenever I spend the day at the park, which happens a lot in spring, I always opt for loose and airy clothing which is really comfortable and also easy to laze around in all day. I wouldn’t ever wear denim as its too thick and you can get too hot - denim shorties excluded of course! This skirt is really comfy and as there is a light breeze today I’ve teamed it with a knitted cotton tank top. 

The park I am at is called Centennial Park, it’s like the New York Central Park of Sydney (but not so big) and fun fact; several scenes of The Great Gatsby (oooh Leonardo!) were filmed here, I need to find that big beautiful tree and shoot an outfit near it.

Let me know what you think of this spring outfit by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.

And remember, you don’t need to be a model to look like you’ve stepped off the runway — you just need a killer wardrobe!

Big love,
xox Marina