Power suit look: Fashion Week Australia day two

Fashion Week Australia

Hi fashionsistas!

For day 2 of Fashion Week Australia I was feelin’ fierce and decided to go for a power suit look!

The hardest thing about this outfit was trying to pair a top with it, I tried about five tops (all black) and nothing was working, I had a sheer silk shirt that looked okaaaay, but I wasn’t thrilled about it.

In between all the tops I was trying on, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps the bra I happened to be wearing that day would work. I wasn’t sure at first - I think the thought came into my head out of desperation - you know, like those times when you try on a million outfits and feel like you have nothing to wear, so go a big ga-ga and throw on something outrageous just to see what happens?

So I experimented, after all isn’t that what fashion is about? I put the jacket on over the bra, zipped it up only half way and tightened the belt around my waist… Took a look in the mirror… And I was like “OH-EM-GEE PERFECTION!"

Don’t you just love it when an outfit comes together like that?

Next, it was deciding which makeup look to go for, the decision wasn’t hard, and nothing seemed more appropriate than killer winged eyeliner and killer red lips!

Hope you loved this power suit look, and remember, you don’t need to be a model to look like you’ve stepped off the runway – you just need a killer wardrobe and some lipstick!

Big love,
xox Marina