Killer wardrobe fashion: cheap and chic


You know what I'm about, and you know I am going to keep reminding you that you don't need to be a model to look like you've stepped of the runway - you just need a killer wardrobe!

Fashion doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive, and I'll keep showing you how... like with this AMAZING lace dress that I cannot wait to wear again, oh and did I mention it only cost a mere $69.98!

I've been struggling to keep up with social occasions lately and totally forgot that I had an engagement party to go to on the weekend (I'm not a bad friend, I just had my dates confused!). I was rushing around the house like that episode of SATC when Carrie sleeps in and gets to her Single and Fabulous (question mark) shoot late, and not looking, well, Single and Fabulous (exclamation point).

15 minutes in of turning my bedroom into a messy change room like everything 'in store' is 90% off, the boyfriend arrives home after he had stopped by my post office box to check my packages (love him!) and he had a package that I forgot was coming... I tore it open and my day was made!