How to make your eyes look bigger or smaller


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When it comes to makeup you can do just about anything to change and alter your features! There are tricks you can do with lip liner to make your lips look bigger, you can make your face look more shapely by defining your cheekbones and also give yourself a non-surgical nose job by contouring and highlighting and my most favourite one is you can completely change the shape of your eyes!

In this big eyes and small eyes makeup tutorial I’ll teach you a few tricks to making your eyes look bigger and if you don’t love your big beautiful eyes, don’t worry I’ll show you how to make your eyes appear small too. I’ve actually done one eye bigger and the other eye smaller so that you can really see the difference side by side.

Watch this video to learn how to make your eyes look bigger and smaller

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And remember, you don’t need to be a model to look like you’ve stepped off the runway - you just need a killer wardrobe & some lipstick!

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PS – If you can’t watch this video right now, here are the steps :)

Make your eyes look bigger 4 easy steps!

The basic rule when trying to make your eyes look bigger is to opt for really light shimmery colours, and slight touches of dark colours.  Neutral colours like browns and gold’s are great but you can also go for different colours like light blues and pinks or even silvers and just follow the same steps I am going to go through here.

1. Prime your eyes

First you’re going to need to prime your eyes with a shimmery champagne base, in this video I used the colour Barley Branded from the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour range and applied it all over my eyelid using a MAC 195 Concealer Brush. You will want to leave your inner corner free of any product here.

2. Highlighting

Taking a white eye shadow (I couldn’t find mine L so I used the white highlighter palette from my Revlon Glow Palette) I’m going to place some at the inner corner of my eye, up on my brow bone and I am also going to sweep some along my lower lash line against my lashes because eyelashes create a shadow on our skin so brightening this area is going to really help make your eyes look bigger – and brighter!

3. Creating a 3 dimensional effect

Using a shimmery colour and a MAC 228 Brush - I used a lovely gold shade called ‘Half Baked’ from my Urban Decay Naked Palette – you will want to sweep it through your crease. The illusion of more light will be created by the sparkly shimmer (preeeetty!) reflecting and this is going to make your eye look more 3 dimensional, and as this colour is not too light or dark it will define your eyes just enough.

Next, I took a very small amount of a medium brown from the same Urban Decay Naked Palette called ‘Buck’ on a MAC 213 brush and placed this outer corner of the eye as well as sweeping that just below the white highlighter shade I placed under my eye.

Then using a MAC 228 brush I used - a very tiny amount - of the colour ‘Hustle’, which is a deeper brown and swept that through my crease.

4. Opening up your eyes

The best way to open up your eyes is by lining your waterline using nude or white eyeliner. I recommend using nude eyeliner that is close you your natural skin colour over white eyeliner, so that it doesn’t appear like you are wearing eyeliner at all. In this video I use Makeup Store Matt Eyeliner in Graceful.

Now another good way to really open up your eyes is with an eyelash curler, I curl my lashes in two steps, first I start close to the roots and also hold the eyelash curler closed a little longer than I normally would, then bring it up a bit further to the edge of my lashes and hold them closed a little extra longer again.

The last step is to use Mascara, you don’t want thick clumpy dark lashes so use lengthening Mascara. In this video I used Maybelline The Colossal in Smoky Eyes and like I did with the eye lash curler I started applying the Mascara really close to the roots of my lashes then worked my way to the ends and also motioned the wand toward the left a little instead going straight up. You will also want to apply a little mascara on your bottom lashes too.

How to make your eyes appear smaller in two easy-to-follow steps!

1. Apply a dark eye shadow to your eyelid

Using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette I used the colour ‘Creep’ (it’s a bluish/greyish shimmery black) and applied that all over the lower half of my lid, close to my lash line with a MAC 213 brush. I didn’t place any eye shadow at the inner corner of my eye.

Taking a MAC 228 brush I softened out the edges of the eye shadow and also blended toward the inner corner of my eye to create a soft edge of colour around my inner corner.

Using a MAC 213 brush I took Buck (which is a medium brown shade) placed a little on my brow bone (keeping it very natural looking), this is going to create the illusion that your eyebrows and your eyes are closer together. I also swept a little of this shade along my lower lash line to create more shadow around my eye.

2. Use liner and mascara

As the colour ‘Creep’ is a shimmery and not super heavy, I also applied gel liner along my top lash line and joined the inner and outer corners of my eye with the gel liner also to further close up my eye.

I also tight lined and applied eyeliner to my water line using the Maybelline Master Liner.

Then using Maybelline The Colossal in Smoky Eyes I applied Mascara only to the roots of my lashes by gently blinking down on the wand – this is going o create fullness and darkness but not length. You don’t want length as this will open up your eyes. Making them look bigger.

I hope you found this helpful! Don’t forget to leave a comment below xox