How to get rid of oily hair


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This weeks question comes from Marina from Italy Marina writes:

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Over the past year my hair has turned very oily, I have to wash it every 2 days. Do you have any tips to control this?
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Watch below to hear my thoughts on the causes and how to get rid of oily hair

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What causes oily hair?

The wrong products

One of the causes of excess oil on the scalp is the wrong products. Some products take a lot longer to wash out of your hair than others. So, if you have changed any of your hair products lately and realized that your hair has since become oily then stop using that product and revert to what you were using prior or try out something new.

Not shampooing enough

Another thing that causes oily hair is if you are not shampooing your hair properly. If you have a lot of product in your hair, you need to thoroughly shampoo it to make sure the entire product is out, I personally shampoo my hair twice.

Not rinsing out shampoo & conditioner properly

This is the most common reason for oily hair! I’ve read that minimum time you should spend rinsing out your hair is around 30 seconds I don’t agree with that at all. I personally spend one to two minutes rinsing out my hair, to make sure all the shampoo and conditioner is thoroughly washed out. Another tip is that when you are rinsing your hair out, try avoid using hot water as this stimulates oil production. We are supposed to wash our hair with cold water but that can be difficult, I wash my hair with luke warm water.

Tips to preventing and how to prevent oily hair

Heated styling tools

Like hot water, heating tools stimulate oil production so if you are trying to stop you hair from being oily then definitely stop using heating tools fore a couple of weeks.

Clarifying treatments or shampoo

Clarifying treatments and shampoos are great for .

Baby powder

If you don’t have time to wash your hair then I recommend using baby powder as a dry shampoo to buy yourself a few extra days!, I’ve been using baby powder for years as a dry shampoo and continue to do so.

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