Launching Not a Model TV with my everyday makeup tutorial

Hi Fashionsistas,

Welcome to Not a Model TV! I am so thrilled to be launching my YouTube Channel today where I can share with you all things beauty!!

Thanks to all of you who emailed me letting me know what kind of tutorials you want to see. For my first video, I filmed my everyday makeup tutorial, which was the most popular thing you asked for.

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You can find all the products I used today in my Beauty Box.

And remember, you don't need to be a Model to look like you've stepped off the Runway.

Big Love,
xox Marina

PS - If you’re at work and can’t watch this video, here is the step by step guide for my everyday makeup tutorial  

Ready, set, prime

First, I prime my face with an illuminating primer so that I look radiant and fresh, I like MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage.

Foundation me up

For my everyday makeup I use Chanel Lift Lumiere, it’s a firming and smoothing foundation (I’m number 30/Cendre) and it’s also a medium coverage which works really well with my skin. For outfit posts (which I shoot most days of the week) I use MAC Studio Fix, it is brilliant for photos and lasts long too but if I use it for too many days in a row my skin can get really congested as it is a really thick foundation, so I try to avoid using it for my everyday look.

To apply my foundation, I just pump some on the back of my hand and start applying it from my nose outwards using a MAC 190 Foundation Brush.

Conceal me baby

After applying my foundation it’s time to conceal those designer bags under my eyes! I use Diorskin Nude Concealer (in 002/Beige) and put that on with a MAC 286 Concealer Brush, I just make a triangle shape underneath my eye. To draw a triangle shape you will want to draw a line underneath your eye, and a line down the side of your nose and then another line from the outer corner of your eye down to the corner of your nose then blend it all in. I also use concealer around my nose and in any areas where I might have a bit of redness.

Define those brows

I never leave the house without filling in my eyebrows. I use MAC Matte Eyeshadow in Espresso with an angled brush (my brush is from Urban Decay). 

Pretty up your eyes

My everyday makeup look is a natural eye, this is because I often need to change my outfit throughout the day, natural eyeshadow goes with everything and you can always change the colour of your lipstick if you need to go from day to night with it.

First I pop a little Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion in original over my eyelids. Then I’m going to take the colour Foxy from my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and apply it all over my eyelid with a MAC 227 Brush.

Then I take a slightly darker, like Tease from the same Palette and using my MAC 217 Brush I just blend it through the socket for a hint of definition. I also put a little along my lower lash line and at the outer corner of my eye using a MAC 228 Brush. 

Give your lashes some love

I have quite curly lashes so I don’t really need to use an Eyelash Curler, but, I have a few straight lashes at the outer corner of my eye that are sooo annoying - so I sometimes I curl my lashes before applying mascara. For Mascara I like to use MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara because it’s not too thick but it elongates my lashes really nicely - lovely for day time!


I love using a two tone blush that has a nice balance of shimmer. I use Dior Blush in Rosebud which is number 939 (I struggle to find it I think they’ve stopped making it)! I apply it along my cheek bones using a MAC 160 Brush.

Set it all in

With the Chanel foundation I use, I find that my skin can get a little shiny after a few hours so I set it with powder. I use Dior Skin Loose Powder in 002/Transparent Medium. I love this powder as it’s really light weight and natural. I apply this using a MAC 150 Brush and just dab a little on my forehead, nose and chin and underneath my cheeks.

Gloss those lips!

I never leave the house without my lips done. Every day I use something different, some days I’ll do pastel pink and other days I’ll do red. It just depends on what I’m doing that day. Today I’m going to go with MAC Lipstick in Angel and then pop some of the same colour over the top.

If you liked this step by step everyday makeup tutorial please leave me comment below - it would really mean the world to me!

You can find all the products I mentioned here in my Beauty Box.