Dark rings under eyes? Hide them like a pro!

Hi Fashionsistas,

A few weeks ago I sent an email out to you all asking what your biggest beauty problem was. Dark rings under eyes was one of the most popular things you all struggle with and many of you have this problem on a daily basis. 

Having dark circles around my eyes isnt something that is a huge problem for me, simple concealer is usually enough to cover up the natural darkness under my eyes but if I havent been keeping up my regular fitness routine, getting enough water and most of all lacking in the sleep department I can get quite dark rings around my eyes (and puffiness as well - boo!). So I bought a pure yellow concealer stick from Maybelline and I use this in addition to my normal daily concealer (which has been a lot lately because Ive been a busy little bee)!

Watch below to learn how you can hide those nasty dark rings under your eyes!

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And remember, you don't need to be a Model to look like you've stepped off the Runway.

Big love,
xox Marina

PS - At work and cant watch my video? Dont worry here is the step by step guide on how to get rid of dark rings under eyes

1. Know your colour

To determine which colour concealer is right for you, look at the dark circles under your eyes, if they are a purple tone, then youre going to need a yellow based concealer. If they are a green tone then you will need a peach/pink based concealer. Mine purple so I use a yellow based concealer; MAC Pro Longwear in NC30 but I also use the Yellow Cover Stick Concealer by Maybelline underneath that.

2. Pre conceal ;)

After youve applied your foundation, take the Yellow Cover Stick Concealer by Maybelline and draw a triangle under your eye. To draw a triangle shape you will want to draw a line underneath your eye, and a line down the side of your nose and then another line from the outer corner of your eye down to the corner of your nose. Then colour it in with the concealer stick. I also like to add a little bit of this concealer at the inner corner of my eye as it can be a little dark there too sometimes. Then take a makeup sponge and press down over the concealer and gently buff it out around the edges of the triangle shape you created.

3. Conceal 

Now that youve covered up those dark circles under your eyes, you need to add some warmth and natural tone to it so thats when I use the Pro Longwear Concealer by MAC in NC30 and just repeat step two.

4. Lock it all in

To finish, you need to lock all that liquid based concealer in by setting it with powder. I use MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC30 and just apply that with a MAC 227 Brush (but you can use any type of powder brush). This is a really important step because the concealer will look a little shiny and once you start going about your day and your skin produces oils it will start to move around so always set with powder.

And thats it, dark rings under eyes gone in just 4 easy steps!

If you liked this step by step guide on hiding those nasty bags around your eyes please leave me comment below - it would really mean the world to me!

You can find all the products I mentioned here in my Beauty Box.