Corporate fashion for the corporate fashionista


I've been getting a lot of emails from corporate fashionista asking me for 9 to 5 style advice so I thought I would put together a post for you! I think back to my Event Manager days and remember it being tough to incorporate my style whilst having to wear a corporate suit almost every day - sooo boring! I always used to look forward to 'casual Friday' when I could go a little more fashion forward but my gosh, the looks I would sometimes get!

I found that the key to looking fashionable in a not-so-fashionable office is to take a staple piece, like a black skirt, and subtly opt for a more cutting edge style like a leather look or sheer panels, like I have here.  When it comes to shirts, as much as I love a staple white shirt, I love flowing fabrics as they really soften a look and are also way more comfortable than a tailored shirt.

Tell me what you think of this look by leaving a comment below!

Big Love,
xox Marina

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