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Olive Oil For Skin and Hair... WTF?

Hi fashionsistas,

Iโ€™m sharing a beauty tip from the kitchen today. Most people I share this with say โ€˜WTF?โ€™โ€ฆ I donโ€™t know what all the โ€˜horrorโ€™ is about โ€“ lol! 

I discovered using olive oil for my skin and hair when I was living in a Greek village a few years ago. I had run out of my oh-so-precious Sebastian Hydre Deep Conditioning Treatment and my hair was super dry from being at the beach all dayโ€ฆ The closest town was over 1 hour away so my Aunt - or should I say, Thea ;) โ€“ told me to use olive oilโ€ฆ

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