Beauty Essentials In My Handbag


Hello my fashionsistas!

Welcome to this week’s episode of Ask Marina, it's been a little while since I filmed an Ask Marina video so I thought it was about time! Today’s question comes from Candice from Atlanta. And Candice asks:

Hi, Marina. Can you please tell me what basic makeup essentials you carry around in your purse for touch-ups during the day and also anything extra helpful for you to freshen up?

Lots of love, Candice

Well, let’s just have a look at my handbag, shall we?!

Watch below to see what beauty essentials I keep in my handbag

I hope you loved this week’s episode of Ask Marina! Do you have any basic makeup essentials that you carry around in your handbag? Leave a comment below and share it.

And remember, you don’t need to be a model to look like you’ve stepped off the runway – you just need a killer wardrobe and some lipstick!

Big love,
xox Marina

Can’t watch this video right now? You can read everything I said below xox

I actually have quite a small purse in my handbag, which contains all the makeup I need when I am on the go. If I’m going to an event and I need to change my makeup from a day look to a more night appropriate look, I might bring another makeup bag with me with all the things I might need and completely take off my makeup a redo it (in the car)! But if it’s just for touch ups, it’s just a little purse that I carry with me. Here is what’s inside:


Now you all know how much I’m obsessed with lipstick. I think I have about more than 10 lipsticks and glosses in my makeup purse. I have 3 different shades of red, 3 different shades of pink and…3 different shades of orange. I basically have a bright one, a pastel one and a lighter one of each color. Plus lip glosses in all 3 colors, and a clear lip gloss, and a nude lip gloss! Obsessed much, Marina?

MAC Studio Fix Powder

I don’t normally need to touch up my makeup as I use mostly long wear foundations and concealers, but I do carry a MAC Studio Fix Powder around with me for touch ups if I happen to need it, but I don’t really use it very often.


Sometimes I like to take my look from day to night simply with winged eyeliner so I carry an Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Pen as it’s super easy to get a perfect winged eye on the run! I also carry a black kohl eyeliner to line my water line with which I mostly use when I’m doing a winged eye.

Nail file

A chipped nail that keeps catching on things absolutely gets on my nerves so I carry a nail file in my bag (and I have one in my car too)!

Hair Elastic

Cause sometimes a Desi Perkins topknot is all I want!

Compact Mirror

How am I supposed to get my lipstick and winged eyeliner perfect without a little mirror? The mirror I have is from Chanel, it has two mirrors inside it; a magnified one and a normal one. I splurged and bought this mirror because I wanted a nice mirror in my bag and I knew I would have it forever!

Baby Wipes

This might surprise you – as I don’t have kids! Once you start carrying around baby wipes in your bag you will not be able to live without them! It helps when I need to take all my makeup off to redo it, or just take off my lipstick to change the color.

And that’s pretty much everything that I carry in my makeup purse. My main priority is lipstick, clearly. I hope you loved hearing all about the makeup and beauty essentials I carry in my handbag! xox