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5 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Needs In Her Handbag

Hi fashionsistas,

Let’s start with some questions today…

Does your favorite shirt pop open between buttons?

Has the hem of your skirt ever torn while you were out?

Are you afraid to wear a low plunging dress without a bra?

Do your favorite ballet flats or stilettos give your blisters?

Does your mascara or eyeliner smudge after a few hours?

If you answered YES...

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Olive Oil For Skin and Hair... WTF?

Hi fashionsistas,

I’m sharing a beauty tip from the kitchen today. Most people I share this with say ‘WTF?’… I don’t know what all the ‘horror’ is about – lol! 

I discovered using olive oil for my skin and hair when I was living in a Greek village a few years ago. I had run out of my oh-so-precious Sebastian Hydre Deep Conditioning Treatment and my hair was super dry from being at the beach all day… The closest town was over 1 hour away so my Aunt - or should I say, Thea ;) – told me to use olive oil…

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How to Curl Your Hair Using a Cloud Nine Curling Wand

Hello my fashionsistas,

It’s been a little bit since I filmed a fast Fridays video so thought I would do one this week! I recently got a Cloud Nine Curling Wand and it has changed the way I do my hair forever. It is so easy to use and it only takes me about 5-10 minutes in real time to get beautiful bouncy curls or soft pretty waves so today I thought I would show you how to curl your hair with it.

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Natural makeup tutorial - a REAL 'no makeup makeup' look!

Hello my fashionsistas!

Everyone has been asking me about my minimal makeup or ‘no makeup makeup’ look which I don't do as often as I should. I usually wear a lot of heavy coverage makeup like MAC Studio Fix because I am always shooting outfits, so under a flash I can't really use the L'oreal Nude Magique Foundation because the flash is just so bright that it makes me look like I have no makeup on...

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The ultimate beach waves spray is back!

Hello my fashionsistas!

I am so excited to be publishing my very first blog post for 2015 because I have some hair news!

After TEN years, the best beach waves spray is back!

John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Spray was my go-to hair product throughout high school. I used to use it every-single-day, until they discontinued it and the only place you could get it was on eBay for $120 - outrageous!

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My after workout makeup routine

Hey fashionsistas! 

Sometimes, we really need to improvise and get ready super quick. Maybe, you’re squeezing a workout in at lunchtime and have a meeting to rush to. Or, you’ve gone home after workout and realized you’ve got dinner plans with friends or your family and you just need to get ready really quick and don’t have time to take a shower.  Today I’m going to show with you my post workout routine to get ready fast...

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Coloured concealer palette tutorial

Hi fashionsistas!

Knowing what concealer colours to use can be really confusing so today I am going to share with you what colour concealers you should use for things dark circles, redness, freckles, highlighting, contouring the list goes on!

Recently I got the Zoeva Concealer Palette which contains pretty much every concealer colour that exists so I’ll go through each one and explaining what you need to use what for...

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Zoeva makeup brushes review part 1 of 2: face brushes

Hi Fashionsistas!

I recently got some Zoeva Makeup Brushes, I’ve been trying them out for a couple of weeks and I love them! I’ve got the full makeup artist brush set, which is a set of 25 brushes - more than a girl needs! Today I filmed a review video about the face brushes that came in the set, I’ll do the eye brushes separately as it would be a 30 minute video if I reviewed the entire bush set. ..

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Dry hair treatment: Argan Oil

Hi Fashionsistas,

Welcome to Fast Fridays a new series here on Not a Model TV where I am going to share with you, my fast fashion and beauty tips - every Friday! Hooray!

I received a few emails asking me about dry hair treatments so for my first ‘Fast Fridays’ episode, I’m going to share with you how to use Argan oil for hair and also bonus skincare tips too...

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